Mens Health Physiotherapy

Mens Health Physiotherapy


What is Men’s Health Physiotherapy?

Women’s and Men’s health physios specialise in the treatment of the pelvic floor muscle. This is very similar to women’s health physiotherapy in terms of treating the problems that occur when the pelvic floor muscle no longer functions or gets weak.

What conditions are treated?

  • Stress Urinary Incontinence: leaking of urine with cough/sneeze or not getting to the toilet on time
  • Urgency/Frequency: going to the toilet all the time
  • Pelvic pain: pain within the pelvis or associated with sexual intercourse
  • Erectile Dysfunction: problems with getting and or maintaining erection function (this can very often be a problem with the pelvic floor muscles)
  • Pre and Post Prostate surgery: Any man that is undergoing or has undergone prostate surgery should have physiotherapy to restore pelvic floor muscle function as men are frequently left with continence issues post operation.

FAQ for Men’s Health Physiotherapy

Why is it more expensive?

Appointment times are longer than standard physiotherapy and this is due to the complex nature of the conditions. Also, the physiotherapists are specialists so have undergone post-graduate training to be able to treat these issues.

Is it covered by Medicare?

Yes, with an EPC from their GP, patients can still see a Mens Health physio but the initial assessment is limited to 30mins and there is a standard flat rate charge of $75 therefore patients will need to pay the GAP.

Are Health fund rebates available?

Yes, on the spot rebates are available.

What does treatment involve?

Treatment involves taking a very detailed history then going onto examine the pelvic floor muscle internally or using the real time ultrasound scanner, it then can be decided the most appropriate form of treatment. This may be in the form of biofeedback, muscle stimulation, internal work, visceral massage and bladder/bowel retraining.

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